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Christian Curriculum

Machias Valley Christian School currently serves grades Pre-K to 7th. Through every grade, our curriculum is designed to engross kids in a top-notch academic, Christ-centered environment. Our number one goal is to give our students an understanding of their world from a Christian perspective. Therefore,our teaching material from Abeka and Bob Jones University is under-girded by a larger theme.


To measure students’ progress, teachers make use of a variety of assessment tools, including individual testing, written evaluations, oral debates, presentations, and group and individual project work.


A second grader doesn’t learn the same way a fifth grader does, so each requires a curriculum tailored to their level of development. 

In history, you see God’s hand. In science, you see His design. In grammar, you see His order. Every subject is approached from a Christian perspective, and you’ll find Scripture and Biblical principles used to emphasize or illustrate concepts.

Enrichment Opportunities

In addition to our standard enrichment such as physical education and art, MVCS also offers music and STEM learning opportunities. 

Technological Advancements

MVCS provides iPads to students to use at school and incorporates online resources into the classroom. Also used in the classroom is IXL. IXL is an online grade leveled curriculum that allows students to apply their understanding in all academic areas. If a student is at a lower academic level, they can start at their appropriate level and proceed. If a student's achievement in any subject area is higher, then IXL allows for the adaption. Because students have access to iPads, they are able to progress at a rate that is very beneficial.


All students participate in a weekly chapel service as part of participation in our Christian community and commitment to minister to the spiritual needs of our students.

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