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Committed to serve.

The Curriers,

parents of Audrey

"We are so grateful to see Audrey grow during her first year of school in kindergarten at Machias Valley Christian School. Her growth in traditional knowledge as well as spiritual growth and understanding has far exceeded our expectations. The smaller school setting and lower teacher to student ratio has been crucial to her success at MVCS. We have been blessed to find a school that Audrey truly looks forwards to each day."

The Fletchers,

parents of Charity, Bridget, and Andrew

"We have three children in Machias Valley Christian School. The children have adjusted well to their new school. They are getting a fine faith based education and we have seen extraordinary growth in many areas of learning. Our children seem to be very happy and have made friends with all of the other students. They also have an immense respect for all of their teachers, as we do too. We are looking forward to another wonderful year starting in August, God willing. Keep up all the good work MVCS!"

The Lentzs,

parents of Annabel and Thane

"Annabel and Thane have thrived at MVCS. The small class sizes allow for creativity in the educational process, and their teachers are invested in our children's academic and emotional maturity. We especially love the values and sense of community fostered at the school. It's been an incredible learning experience!"


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