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Committed to serve.

Jonathan MacLeod, Co-Chair (Term ends September 2026)

Ashley Maker, Co-Chair & Secretary (Term ends September 2026)

Jeanne Herman, Treasurer (Term ends September 2024)

Joan Carter (Term ends September 2026)

Aaron Currier (Term ends September 2026)

Ethan Davis (Term ends September 2024)

Nick Landrum (Term ends September 2024)

Machias Valley Christian School red swoo


  • Develop and comply with governing statements

  • Revise governing statements

  • Develop policies, implement programs, hire staff, enter into legal and financial agreements, and raise monies in order to comply with its governing statements and standing policies

  • Terminate any legal, financial, and employment agreements


​The School Board is comprised of at least five members to govern the operations of the school. The School Board is authorized to select three additional members to serve in an advisory capacity. The Board is a rotating board with each member serving a three-year term. Members whose term expires may be reaffirmed by the Board for additional terms.


School Board meetings are typically held on the last Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM. No December meeting. Call the School Office at (207) 255-6700 for more information

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